Our Team

Morgan McClure Kokaram

It all begins with an idea. Meet our Founder and CEO.

I founded The She League because I love seeing women of color succeed in everything that we do. I believe with the right access, opportunity, and knowledge, we will be unstoppable. By hearing from the women who paved the way for us and by building a community with one another, there is no telling what we will be able to achieve.”

Susan Tenorio

Co-Executive Director of The She League

“I joined The She League because I wanted to be part of a community that empowers and supports women in various aspects of life, such as career advancement, personal growth, and leadership development.”

Zulma Guzman

Co-Executive Director of The She League

“My passion for women’s empowerment serves as the driving force behind the establishment of FlourisHER, where mentorship and providing access to abundant opportunities are central in empowering the upcoming generation of aspiring women professionals. Together, we are advocates for progress and provide mutual support within The She League’s vibrant community.”

Travis Joshua

Director of The Bridge

“Through The She League, we have created The Bridge, a workforce development program designed to assist persons of color in obtaining their next career opportunity. Our mission is to create better career opportunities for the underrepresented and the underemployed.”