Founder & CEO


My name is Morgan McClure Kokaram, Esq., and I am the founder & CEO of The She League, Inc. I hold a BBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. I currently practice law in Atlanta, Georgia as a corporate attorney with a focus on mergers & acquisitions. I also serve as a member of the (US) board of directors of the nonprofit organization, Heart for Africa. 

Studies show that women of color are usually underrepresented in professional, high-status jobs such as law, medicine, academia, and business. When we do make it to these rarified roles, but are the only ones in an organizational setting, we are more likely to doubt a company’s commitment to inclusion and equity and thus are more likely to want to pursue opportunities elsewhere. 

Through The She League, we are investing in ourselves. We are creating a diverse community of women who will support, challenge, and empower each other. Through the plethora of successful speakers, panels full of C-suite leaders and innovators, and career development workshops, our events will leave you ready to lead, excel and inspire.